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Quality Assurance & Testing

In today's competitive global market the difference between failure and success is the quality. Our service is mitigating the technological risks inherent to technological risks of software and IT application development, integration and implementation.

Ideally, we join our clients at the beginning of the development cycle. The concurrency of testing with development, implementation or integration activities ensures the accuracy of the development efforts, so that the common pitfall, wherein testing is conducted at the end of the cycle, is avoided. In this way costly time and budgetary losses sustained from having to rectify any issues at the end of a project are eliminated. Alexa's approach, methodologies, and expertise enable our customers to gain the benefits of a good quality assurance process.

Our QA and Testing Values
    Reduced time to market
    Define organization \ project quality plans
    Implement quality procedures
    Highest quality products
    Plan, document and implement system testing
    Define configuration management
    Reduced overall project costs and risks
    Manage project and product documentation
    Choose appropriate development and QA methodologies
    Assure compliance with requirements and standards

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